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Civil Litigation Attorney in Massachusetts

Although nobody wants to go to court, disputes over injuries or breaches of contract often reach an impasse.


These disputes require skilled, aggressive legal representation. As an expert litigation attorney in Massachusetts, Douglas Snook has helped countless clients resolve complicated disputes both in and out of court.

We litigate every case with the dedication and zealousness it deserves.

Hire Snook Law Office for Your Civil Dispute


Attorney Doug K. Snook, a highly skilled litigation attorney in Massachusetts, understands the stress, risks, and opportunities of civil litigation. Here at Snook Law Office, we fight for our client's interests, protect them from the risks of further litigation, and resolve disputes to get the best result for our clients. 


Our expert counsel will help you make important decisions regarding settlement offers and the risks of litigation or trial. We will aggressively litigate your case with the dedication and zealousness it deserves.


Visit our practice pages for more information about our civil litigation services:

Learn More About Civil Litigation


Civil Litigation Process

Once you have retained a litigation attorney, the first step in civil litigation is to contact the other party, typically by sending a demand letter. A demand letter notifies the other party of their claims and the desired relief sought. A demand letter should offer the other party to enter settlement negotiations.


In practice, most cases settle before a lawsuit is ever filed. However, there are instances where a party will proceed with filing a complaint in court. The complaint outlines the complaining party’s claims and the relief desired. The parties then engage in the discovery process where information in the form of records or documents or testimony from the parties or witnesses is sought, obtained, and used to support the arguments of one side against the other. The last phase of formal litigation is trial.


Lawsuits proceed in many different ways depending on the goals of the parties and the strength of their respective claims. However, even after a lawsuit is filed, settlement is still the most common resolution to most civil disputes.

Personal Injury


Personal injury claims are often litigated when liability is disputed, or when the nature and extent of your damages are at issue. This can occur in a car accident, slip and fall, truck, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident, or any other injury claim. Regardless of whether you settle your personal injury claim in or out of court, you will need a litigation attorney to help ensure you receive a fair recovery. 


At Snook law, we provide full-scale personal injury representation. We will depose the other party as well as all medical and other experts, obtain all necessary and relevant records pertaining to liability, causation, and damages, and work to obtain the best recovery.


Divorce trials usually concern the equitable distribution of marital assets, spousal maintenance, and/or child custody. Our office will guide you through depositions, determinations regarding your role in the marriage, marital asset valuations, and any allegations of misrepresentation of income sources or property, alcohol or drug abuse, or criminal conduct.

Corporate, Contract, and Business Lawsuits

Most business disputes involve an alleged breach of contract.  Contract lawsuits are complex cases that require determinations of whether there was a contract, what its terms were, whether there was a breach, and if so, a calculation of damages.


In the case of corporations, business litigation attorneys often resolve lawsuits with creditors. For example, creditors may attempt to claim your personal assets over and above the corporation’s, or there may be claims of breach of fiduciary duty or other acts that have harmed shareholders.


Other common claims made against businesses and corporations concern sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour violations.


As an experienced litigation attorney, Attorney Snook can advise you on what the best course of action is for both you and your business.

Partnership Disagreements

It is not unusual for partners to have disagreements regarding the terms of the partnership or when they want to exit the partnership. It’s also common for disputes to arise when one partner has acted without the consent or knowledge of the others to their detriment or has misappropriated funds.


At Snook Law, we are available to represent partnerships or individual partners in any dispute.

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