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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have questions before entering into a legal situation. We can help by providing a few frequently asked questions and the answers.

If you have questions and can't find the answers here, please don't hesitate to contact Snook Law Office. We will provide you with answers to any questions or concerns you may have.

Not all matters require the client to pay upfront for the attorney's services. There are some types of cases that paying an upfront retainer is not necessary and a contingency agreement can be arranged. That means no fees are owed until the case has been resolved in the client's benefit.

A retainer fee is an amount paid upfront to secure the services of an attorney. The retainer that is paid is held in the Attorney's client trust account and is not considered earned until it has been billed against. If a matter comes to a conclusion and there is unused money remanding, it is returned to the client.

What is a Retainer Fee?

Not all court matters end up going to trial. Although we always prepare all files as if they will be. Having a strong legal team who will take a matter all the way can push the other side to resolve a matter short of trial.

Do all litigations go to trial?

That depends on a number of factors, but generally; it is not advised. Social media platforms such as Facebook, are subject to discovery requests for pages and posts. The closing of an account or deleting of posts could have an adverse effect on your case.

I am going through a divorce, should I close my social media account?

We have all heard the old saying about working with friends and family. That being said, you should always have any business arrangement in writing. This is especially important when dealing with friends or family. Don't let a disagreement end a friendship and be sure to be on the same page and having everything in writing.

My business partner and I are great friends, do I really need a business contract?

Yes, we can create a Will for you and you are free to change it at anytime provided that you are mentally competent to do so.

Will you create a will for me? and can I change it later?

I pay child support now, can my ex make me pay more?

It depends on a multiple factors, but yes, it is possible to modify a child support order based on a change of circumstances i.e. your making more money.

What is considered "Wrongful Death?"

Wrongful Death claim can be pursued when someone has caused the death of another by way of a Negligence act or a failure to take reasonable care.

Can I get Alimony if I'm a Man?

Yes, gender is not a factor as to who can receive Alimony in a divorce.

Is the Legal Consultation free?

We always offer free consultations to those with legal issues.

Do I pay upfront?


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