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Business Lawyer in Massachusets

As a top business attorney in Massachusetts, Attorney Douglas Snook will help you lay the solid foundation necessary to grow your company and save money down the road.

Our office offers extensive transactional legal assistance for businesses in various industries. We also offer counsel on common challenges facing businesses, including contract disputes, ownership disagreements, employee issues, taxes, and litigation.

Helping business owners grow, reduce liability, and save money…

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Legal Assistance for Business Owners​


Business Formation & Growth

Business Plans

Successful businesses need a solid, well-researched business plan to secure funding, loans, and incentives. Business plans also provide direction and strategy for your business. Here a Snook Law Office, we will guide you through the business planning process to maximize your success at launch.


Business Formation


New business owners must form the proper business entity for their particular business. In the state of Massachusetts, businesses have multiple entity formation options. We will advise you as a new business owner to select the proper business entity for your venture.


Once selected, Snook Law Office will help you file the proper documentation to form any of the following business entities:


  • limited liability corporations

  • S corporations

  • C corporations

  • partnerships

  • sole proprietorships

  • business trusts


Buying a Business


The process of purchasing a company involves a detailed review process to measure the value of the company. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned business owner, we will work with you to ensure an accurate valuation. We will represent you to assist with due diligence and the review of existing leases, licensing agreements, banking arrangements, loans, employee contracts, and vendor agreements.


Commercial Leases


Unlike residential leases, commercial leases are complex agreements that require expert review and negotiation. Snook law represents commercial tenants and landlords. We will negotiate leases to ensure you sign with your business’s interests protected. We also review existing commercial leases.


Real Estate Transactions


Businesses often need to purchase, sell, or request rezoning of real property.  Our office represents businesses at all stages of the real estate transaction process.

Business Management


Business Agreements


We draft new agreements and review existing agreements, including the following:


  • purchase agreements

  • service agreements

  • licensing deals

  • distribution agreements

  • other contracts


Our expert drafting and review services will protect your business in cases of breach or non-performance of terms and conditions.


Corporate and Business Policies


Is your company in compliance with federal and Massachusetts sexual harassment laws, wage and hour laws, independent contractor requirements, and other laws?


Which laws apply to your business depend not only on your entity but also on your company size and industry.  We will review your policies to ensure compliance with applicable laws and minimize the risk of liability.


Corporate Counsel


Not all businesses can afford full-time in-house counsel, but all businesses should have corporate counsel available to assist with necessary legal compliance.


Here at Snook Law, we will tailor our corporate counsel services to your particular business. We are available to ensure that you meet legal requirements regarding annual meetings, record-keeping, and regulatory compliance.


Employment Contracts


Employment contracts are an important element of any growing business. We draft specific employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and NDAs (non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements) that fit your needs.


Transfer, Succession, and Mergers & Acquisition


Buy-Sell Agreements and Business Succession


Snook Law advises business owners seeking to sell or transfer either some or all of their interest in the business.

Having practiced as a business attorney in Massachusetts for many years, Attorney Snook understands the importance of preparing for the unexpected, as your business may encounter unforeseen changes. We will advise you on how to best prepare your company for succession in case of death, disability, or voluntary or involuntary withdrawal.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)


Mergers and acquisitions often entail additional regulatory compliance depending on the type of business entity, company location, among other factors. Our office will ensure that your M&A deal is up to snuff by helping you negotiate the transaction, prepare the letter of intent, execute due diligence, and ensure compliance with the SEC.


Conflict Resolution: Protect Your Rights as a Business Owner


Employee Relations

Disagreements and grievances are not unusual with employees. We often counsel businesses on allegations of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, or benefits entitlement.


General Business Disputes


In the world of business, there are often disagreements that may or may not result in formal litigation. Disputes could arise regarding contract performance, ownership disagreements, among other issues.


As an attorney with extensive civil litigation experience in Massachusetts, Attorney Snook is prepared to resolve general business disputes and litigate such disputes if necessary.

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