Civil Litigation

Practice Area

Lawsuits are sometimes necessary if disputes cannot be resolved and have to go before a judge or jury to resolve the dispute. Sometimes the threat of litigation or going to trial is necessary to force the other party to compromise or to settle the matter on reasonable and acceptable terms. At Snook Law, we do all we can to settle a case without going to court because of the cost to you and the uncertainty of the outcome. But if necessary, we will litigate your case with the dedication and zealousness your case deserves.

The first step in civil litigation is the filing of the claim in court. The parties then procced to engage in the discovery process where information in the form of records or documents or testimony from the parties or witnesses is sought, obtained, and used to support the arguments of one side against the other. Experts in various fields such as medical, engineering, business, psychology, human factors, asset valuation, economics, and accident reconstruction are often retained by both sides to support or argue against liability, damages, and the value of assets.

We offer civil litigation services in the following areas:

Personal Injury
Divorce or Family Law
Corporate, Contract, and Business Cases
Partnership Disputes

Personal Injury

Your personal injury case may not have been settled because liability was disputed, or the nature and extent of your damages was at issue. This can occur in a car accident, slip and fall, truck, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident, or any other injury claim.

Before trial, we will depose the other party as well as all medical and other experts, obtain all necessary and relevant records and documents pertaining to liability, causation, and damages, and attempt to settle your case before trial at arbitration or by negotiations. If not, we will be fully prepared to take your claim to court and trial.


Divorce trials are held before a judge only and usually concern the equitable distribution of the marital assets, spousal maintenance, and/or the custody of a child. Pre-trial preparation includes depositions of the parties, your role in the marriage, the accumulation of relevant documents, the valuation of the parties’ assets, investigating allegations of misrepresentation of income sources or property, possible alcohol or drug abuse, criminal conduct, and of the parties’ fitness as parents if custody is at issue.

Corporate, Contract, and Business Lawsuits

Most business disputes are over an alleged breach of contract, whether there are damages, and if so, the amount to be paid to the non-breaching party. There may be a valid reason for one party to breach a contract or to not abide by its terms and conditions, to only partially perform, or there may be differing interpretations of a material contractual term. We can advise you on what course of action to take and your potential remedies.

If a corporation is involved, a creditor may be seeking to claim your personal assets over and above the corporate ones, or there may be claims of breach of fiduciary duty or other acts that have harmed shareholders. Other claims made against businesses and corporations that are the subject of litigation concern sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour violations.

Partnership Disagreements

It is not unusual for partners to disagree when they want to leave the partnership or if one partner has acted without the consent or knowledge of the others to their detriment or has misappropriated funds. We have represented the partnership or an individual partner in any dispute.

Retain the Civil Litigation Firm of Snook Law

Having an experienced and knowledgeable litigator from Snook Law handling your partnership case is your best assurance that your rights will be protected, all remedies have been explored and discussed, and that you have the best opportunity for a favorable resolution.