Practice Area

The business of America is business, and at Snook Law we offer services ranging from your selection of a business entity to the various challenges facing any business including contract disputes, ownership disagreements, employee issues, taxes, and litigation.

Snook Law offers the following services:

Business formation—we advise on the proper business entity for you such as a limited liability corporation, S corporation, C corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or business trust

Buy-sell agreements—your business will need advice on how your ownership interests will be handled on death, disability, or voluntary or involuntary withdrawal

Buying a business—whether you are a first-time buyer or seasoned business owner, we work with you on due diligence, reviewing existing leases and licensing agreements, banking arrangements, loans, employee contracts, vendor agreements, and valuation of the business

Employment contracts—we will draft specific employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and NDAs (non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements)

Commercial leases—Snook law represents commercial tenants and landlords and will negotiate and review leases

Corporate services—as corporate lawyer, we ensure that you meet all the requirements regarding annual meetings, record-keeping, and regulatory compliance

Business agreements—we draft and review current business agreements such as licensing deals, distribution agreements, and other contracts so that you are protected in cases of breach or non-performance of terms and conditions

Corporate and business policies—is your company in compliance with sexual harassment laws, wage and hour laws, independent contractor vs. employee descriptions, and other laws? We will review your policies to ensure all current laws are being followed so as to minimize the risk of liability

Employment issues—disagreements and grievances are not unusual with employees. We counsel businesses on allegations of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, or benefits entitlement

Real estate—whether it’s a lease for office space, or a purchase or sale of real property, we represent you at all stages of the real estate process

Business plans—successful businesses need a business plan to get funding and loans as well as providing a direction for your business

Mergers and acquisitions—if your company is contemplating a merger with another company or acquiring one, we can help negotiate the transaction, prepare a letter of intent, assist in due diligence, and ensure compliance with the SEC